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Welcome at the installation of ELBA-business 5.8.2

ELBA-business 5.8.2

Installation of ELBA 5.8.2

ELBA 5.8.2 implements the requirements of the new Directive (PSD II) of the European Commission in the field of payment service law. PSD II (Payment Service Directive) requires the use of the new ELBA version in the future.

The following changes are included in version 5.8.2:

  • A certificate will be required for each bank account to collect the account information.
  • Once the update is installed, the PIN must be entered to sign with smsTAN.

Single User installation ELBA 5.8.2

The stand-alone installation setup can be used for a new installation as well as to update ELBA5. This setup is to be used exclusively for local single-user installations. Use as a network installation is not allowed.

Please execute the installation exactly according to the Installation instruction.

Network installation ELBA 5.8.2

The ELBA 5 network installation setup can be used for a new installation as well as a network installation update. The network installation with setup of the "SQL Anywhere - Elba-5" database service must be carried out directly on the server. Note that this can only be done by an IT administrator who has the necessary rights to the server!

ELBA-Hotline 01 33701 4800

ELBA-Hotline 01 33701 4800

For further information, the hotline is at your disposal.
Monday to Wednesday and Friday, 8am-6pm,
on Thursday, 8am-8pm

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